Our flavours are made in a certified laboratory. For the composition of our range, we only use certified food flavourings, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (PG / VG). We offer two options: without or with nicotine, which allows people who do not want nicotine to use our products. Flavours without nicotine are recommended for people who have never ingested them and for people who no longer want to use them.

The aromas of the XO Havana electronic cigar vape have been certified and officially approved by the SGS (general surveillance society, Geneva).

Our liquid nicotine is manufactured by a recognised supplier who only uses strictly regulated products, and we work hand in hand to offer you the highest quality on the market. All nicotine products have been clinically tested and officially approved.

Our recyclable electronic cigar is RoHS certified, this directive limits six hazardous ingredients in the manufacture of electrical and electronic products. RoHS helps reduce harm to people and the environment in developing countries, where much electronic waste unfortunately ends up. RoHS has also brought great health benefits to electronics industry employees in prototyping and manufacturing departments.
Our  recyclable electronic cigar is  also SGS certified, which ensures that it meets international standards.
And finally, our products are CE certified, which means that they comply with European directives on consumer safety, health and environmental laws.

Food Propylene Glycol, PE / USP (European Pharmacopoeia / United States Pharmacopoeia) Grade - 99.5% Purity

BIO ecovert PE / USP (European Pharmacopoeia / United States Pharmacopoeia) Vegetable Glycerin Certification - 99.5% Purity

Nicotine of European Union origin. (European Pharmacopoeia / American Pharmacopoeia / FDA United States Food and Drug Administration) - Purity 99%

Food grade flavours.