We are manufacturers of cigar vapes and creators of original and safe e-cigar flavours.

The XO HAVANA Recyclable Cigar was born in 2016, designed and developed by a group of former smokers with the aim of providing smokers worldwide with an efficient, user-friendly, and stylish electronic device to enhance their smoking experience.

As a collective, we are dedicated to creating a smoke-free environment while offering smokers an alternative that is free from smoke, tobacco, and other harmful chemicals typically found in traditional cigars and cigarettes. With the XO HAVANA recyclable cigar, smokers now have the choice to reduce or completely quit their nicotine consumption if they desire.

Originally introduced as a gift idea for Father's Day in 2016 in Mexico, the XO HAVANA recyclable cigar quickly gained popularity and received an enthusiastic response from our customers. As a result, we officially launched it in 2017 with a range of three flavours. Today, we are excited to take this project to the next level, offering a selection of over 12 uniqueflavours designed to satisfy all types of cigar vape and e-cigar enthusiasts.

Driven by our passion for authentic flavors that stay true to traditional cigars, we collaborated with tobacco leaf growers and artisan cigar makers in Cuba, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Veracruz, Mexico, to develop genuine and distinctive flavors together.

During these collaborations, we discovered that flavored cigars (such as vanilla or coffee) utilize the same flavor extracts we use in the development of our vaping flavors. By combining cigar aroma bases from different origins with additional flavors, we successfully recreated sensations that closely resemble traditional cigars, validated by industry professionals!

Beyond being an attractive, elegant, innovative, and user-friendly product, XO HAVANA captures the visual appeal, aroma, and essence of a traditional ash-less and tar-less cigar. It strikes a perfect balance between technology, fashion, and incredible sensations.

Our flavor selection is available with or without nicotine, providing a unique experience that allows users to gradually reduce or eliminate nicotine if desired. Since our inception, we have been embraced as a viable alternative and have received excellent feedback from those we've assisted. Our brand, team, and products have been featured in various media outlets, including the NYTimes, GQ magazine, and DT Lux, to name a few.

Collaborations with artists and brands have also contributed to our growth, and we take particular pride in our partnership with Kenzo Takada for the launch of our patented XO HAVANA cigar in Paris, France.

From the very beginning, our products have been developed with the smoker in mind. We meticulously balance elegant design with cutting-edge technology, aiming to satisfy all smokers, regardless of gender, with a unique and hassle-free device and the finest, safest flavors.

XO Havana represents the perfect fusion of our creativity, expertise in flavor development, and top-notch equipment. The aroma, available with or without nicotine, is encapsulated within the cigar for immediate enjoyment.

Check out this unique product now and enjoy!


Our leading position in the vaping device market is the result of our commitment to the quality of the products used, a wide range of flavours and our sense of creativity. And this in strict compliance with the regulations in force.

The XO HAVANA cigar vape and accessories are quality products using the best materials available, the flavours have unique taste properties, which will satisfy all types of vapers. Manufactured in our Mexican or French laboratory, the aromas comply with the international and European legislation in force.

State-of-the-art technology and design, combined with high-quality flavours, provide users of the XO Havana electronic cigar with healthy products while guaranteeing their health and the environment to bring a positive change in our world.

Our team of experts are continually experimenting with flavours, through innovative formulas to create original blends with a unique personality.


For the composition of our ranges we only use certified food grade flavourings or natural flavourings. We do not use toxic or superfluous products that may affect the operation of your device or your health.

The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin used are certified for food use and we do not use chemicals such as diacetyl, paraben or ambrox.

Our products comply with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). GMP certified (good manufacturing process), ISO 22716, ISO 8317 (in child resistant packaging). Labels comply with applicable laws and international standards.

Our products are often checked, which guarantees you full traceability of our aromas. You will find labels and safety cards on each product.

Our office in UK:

313 Vox Studios, 45 Durham Street
SE11 5JH

Our values

  • innovative and state-of-the-art technology
  • advanced and automated design for intuitive use
  • recurring development and innovation
  • high-end and quality products
  • elegant design
  • global safety standards are scrupulously adhered to
  • bespoke and minimised packaging
  • socially responsible company (ESR)
  • comprehensive recycling program
  • ultra competitive prices
  • controlled manufacturing process - from manufacturer to end customer